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PBE Mechanical Servo Press Brakes

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Press Brake

Ⅰ. General Introduction


High efficiency, high precision, energy saving and environmental protection

 The new “mechanical servo drive system” is driven by a highly sensitive AC servo motor to increase the speed, efficiency and stability of the slider.

 High-speed back gauge also improves the machining speed and accuracy of the machine

 New appearance industrial design, providing a friendly human-machine communication environment

 Higher parameters and configuration, more powerful and easier to operate

 60%-70% energy saving than hydraulic bending machine, no oil use cost


II.Machine structure 

1. Outline feature

◆ new European design, streamlined appearance

◆ O-frame structure, Stiffness than the average C-type structure to improve more than 50%

◆ The whole steel welding, seismic strong

◆ Large tempering furnace to eliminate stress, good stability, the frame will never be deformed

 Machine body is machined with once clamping for all machining surface from Spain five faces machining center, which assure parallelism and verticality between/among surface of the machine body.



◆ Painting imported from the Netherlands AkzoNobel auto refinish

2. Ram feature

◆ Upper stroke design for bending, low noise, stable operating situation

◆ Slider thickening, widening, bending deformation will be reduced to minimum;

◆ Y1, Y2 parallel tolerance of 0.01mm

◆ Y1, Y2 can be programmed separately, can work under partial load condition, also can be tapered bending.

◆ Bottom dead point has dwell time, programmable, to ensure the accuracy of different parts

◆ Slow return control function, the operator can better control the workpiece

◆ Common upper Punch mounting surface, to meet different punch clamping requirements


3. Mechanical transmission system

◆ The most advanced full-closed mechanical servo synchronization control system

◆ Ball screw, screw bearings, timing belt and other sets are Complete sets imported

◆ Use imported grating, high-precision guidance system, position measurement system and servo control function, can meet the needs of full-length or eccentric machining.


4. Back gauge positioning system

◆ This machine is for the production of multi-bend, high-precision workpiece

◆ Back gauge traveling high speed, high positioning accuracy

◆ X, R axis driving by ball screw, linear guide, digital AC servo motor drive, with concession control function

◆ Box-type material retaining beam block structure, with sufficient mechanical strength and stiffness

◆ Unique back gauge finger structure, expanding the stopper range


5. Electrical System

◆ Electrical components using imported or joint venture products, in line with international standards, safe and reliable, long life, anti-interference ability, electric control cabinet with air-conditioning cooling device




 Two front sheet supports that can be moving along by linear Guide.



◆ Movable foot switch, easy operation, emergency stop function





Standard have LazerSafe protection PCS-A0-L2S-2.



6. Tooling / Clamp:

◆ Standard Quick Punch clamp.


◆ One set of standard Punch & 2V Die



◆ Worktable for Die is 2V+T shape quick change




7. CNC control system standard is DA53T, DELEM of the Netherlands.





III.Standards for design, manufacturing, test and installation:

《Forging machinery, safety technology directives 》  GB17120-2012

《Press Brake , technology directives 》 JB/T2257.1-92

《CNC Press Brake , precision 》 Q/321088JWB2-2012

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