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PBC CNC Press Brake Machine

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Press Brake


Ⅰ. General Introduction



Machine with energy saving, high efficiency, high precision

-Independent research and development of a new generation of energy saving, high efficiency, high precision CNC Press brake.

-Equips with mechanical crowning table, with high precision and good consistency.

-Servo motor control pump, set motor speed as required, reduce power consumption, achieve low hydraulic overflow, lower oil temperature.

-The new appearance industrial design, provides the friendly man-machine exchange environment


Since 1977, LEJIA has been dedicating to the R&D and innovation of press brake technology. Succeeding in all kinds of sheet metal processing industries, with a deep range of experience, LEJIA provides different series of press brakes and functional parts to meet all your needs. Do not hesitate to discover your very best bending solution in LEJIA.



II.Machine performance and features


2.1 Machine performance

  • All new rigidity design and finite element analysis, reduce maximally the influence to the bending quality due to deformation.

  • The machine is equipped with the first class hydraulic system of bending machine imported from Germany, which effectively ensures the high speed, high efficiency, reliable and stable operation of the machine.




  • One-way servo pump control technology as an option, can save energy up to 40%, the same time to reduce the oil temperature in the hydraulic system to extend the life time of hydraulic and sealing components. Less oil changes, less cost both for operation and maintenance. (Option)





Brand-new outlook design, with paints from Akzo Nobel from the Netherlands.








2.2 Machine frame

◆ Whole-body full steel welding, good shock resistance.

  • Large tempering furnaces are used to release stress, non-deformation to the machine frames.



  • One-time machining by pentahedron machining centers from Spain, quality assurance to parallelism and perpendicularity on all installation surface.



  • C-shape plate mechanism is installed near the throat in the machine frame to detect the distance between upper and lower tools, to guarantee the precision of the bends.


2.3 Ram structure

Upper beam movement (ram), low noise, stable works.

Thicker and wider ram, reduce maximally the crowning deformation during the bending.

Unique double guild rails structure (see below picture), results in smoother ram movement.

Universal installation surface for the punch, can meet different clamping requirements to the maximum extent.

A scale showing metric and British systems is installed on the bottom of the ram, easier for the operator to align and change tools.


2.4 Hydraulic system

  • The most advanced full closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronization control system, integrated with high frequency response valve control technology, brings higher speed, higher precision, and better efficiency and performance.
  • Full set of hydraulic system from Hoerbiger, Germany, with proportion valve differential pressure balancing function to reduce oil temperature and improve the stability of the hydraulic system.
  • Y1 and Y2 can be programmed individually, can work under eccentric load condition, and can make conic bending.
  • With holdup time at BDC, can be programmed to ensure the precision of different bending.
  • With low speed return control function, the operator can make a better control of the bended part.
  • Magnetic linear scale from GIVI, Italy. High precision guiding system, positioning system and
  • Hydraulic pressure balancing function can meet all requirements for full-length or eccentric bending.
  • Sealing components from SKF, Austria, strong sealing performance and long life time.
  • Piping parts and joints are international brands, good quality and outstanding performance.
  • The hydraulic system has overload overflow protection.
  • Obvious display of oil level.
  • Machine can work non-stop under rated load, and the hydraulic system can remain in leak-proof condition and ensure high precision and stability to the continuous works.


2.5 Back gauge system

  • Fit to make multi-bends and high precision bends.
  • High speed and high positioning precision.
  • Ball screw transmission for X and R axes, guided by linear guides, driven by digital AC servo motor, with return control function.
  • 3 units finger-stops moving along the dual-linear guides, easy to use, very high precision.
  • Box-type back gauge beam structure, with more than enough mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Individual finger-stop structure to increase back gauging range.


Note: We can offer 6 axis backgauge as option as your request, 2 fingers on each tower. 

2.6 Electrical system

  • All electrical components are from overseas companies or joint ventures, following international standard, safe and reliable, long life time, and strong anti-interference ability. Power cabinet is equipped with heat dissipation device.


2.7 Crowning system

  • Worktable is equipped with mechanical crowning system, closed-loop control, compensation value is automatically calculated by the controller, making sure the bending angle in full-length remains the same.


2.8 Controller



2.9 Clamping and tooling system

  • Upper clamping: LEJIA mechanical fast clamping.




  • Punch: 1 set of standard straight punch (#10.105, length 515mm*8), high precision, exchangeable.


  • Die: 1 set of standard 2V die (#20.252, length 515mm*8), high precision, exchangeable.



  • Lower die clamping: 1 set of T-shape fast change block (#20.603, length 515mm*8).



2.10 Other parts

  • 2 fixed front sheet supports that can be moved leftward and rightward by the screws with standard distance, with turning functions to avoid interference during bending.


  • Foot pedal switch, with rollers on the bottom, convenient to move.

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