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Corrugated Fin Forming line

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Introduction to fin forming machine

The fin forming machine produced by our company is a special processing equipment for processing the key component of heat exchanger - heat transfer fin. The compact heat exchanger products composed of such heat transfer fins have been increasingly widely used in many fields such as automobiles, ships, air conditioners, compressors, engineering machinery, mining machinery, aviation, military industry and hydraulic oil cooling industry.

Compared with similar products, the forming machine produced by our company has the following advantages:

1. The spindle is placed in the center. Placing the spindle in the center position can reduce the force transmission components to reduce the loss during the force transmission process; at the same time, it can improve the accuracy of the machine tool.

2. High precision. The flatness of the extreme position of the upper and lower mold tables and the flatness during the movement of the mold table are higher than similar products, thereby ensuring the stable performance of the machine tool.

3. Automatic lubrication system. A unique automatic lubrication system is designed to reduce machine tool wear.

4. Stepless adjustment. Achieve stepless adjustment and break through the limitation of the few gears of traditional mechanical speed regulation.

5. Compact structure and easy operation. Optimize the traditional structure to make the structure more reasonable and more convenient to operate. A unique mold height mechanism is also designed, so that one person can easily debug the mold.

6. High efficiency, low power consumption, and stable performance. The improvement of precision, reduction of wear and structural optimization have improved the overall efficiency of this machine tool and made its performance more stable. When the punching is sufficient, the machine uses a 3KW motor to reduce power consumption and save costs.

7. Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost. The optimization of the structure makes the machine tool components the most streamlined, making maintenance easy and low in cost.

8. Structural design. The structural design can replace various processing molds as needed to process fins of different specifications and shapes.




               fin forming machine                                                                                        Automatic unwinding machine

              Servo cutting machine                                                                                                                       Corrugated fin Mold


                                                                    Fin samples                                                       Fin samples                                                          Fin samples


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