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HLP series CO2 laser cutting machine

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HLP series CO2 laser cutting machine


European technology, highly flexible and reliable CO2 laser cutting machine.

The introduction of European technology, specially designed for metal sheet metal processing industry of highly flexible, reliable, two-dimensional cutting machine tools 

High-speed thin plate cutting, plate processing high quality automatic switch, to cope, bring you a special feeling 

Modular design, universal spare parts, remote diagnosis, full-service solutions of the trouble back at home 


Technical parameters



Standard Configurations 


Numerical control system

Prima P30L - company of the latest generation of products 

17 "LCD touch screen console track the mouse, the operation is convenient 

Powerful computing, embedded HMI, the Windows operating system 

Edit, preview and tracking function 

Management of advanced optimal cutting path algorithm 

Built-in rich cutting parameter library (TOB) 

Digital servo drive all adopt the optical fiber communication 

Communication interface is complete, have remote diagnosis function 

The laser generator

Prima - company manufacturing 

Good beam quality, processing plate thickness range 

To optimize the design of the airflow can prolong the life of the light path system 

According to the set of power can be adjusted to the gas flow 

Built-in comprehensive fault diagnosis function of PLC control 

Stable operation, low maintenance cost 

Laser cutting head

Prima - company manufacturing 

Focus lens replacement draw-out type design, quick and convenient 

Provide standard 5 "and 7.5" focus lens, improve the cutting quality and efficiency 

Focus position F axis and Z axis integration but independence movement, improve the machining efficiency of different plates 

Capacitive sensor automatic induction plate deformation, maintain a constant cutting height 

SIPS to prevent cutting head and the workpiece accident collision may damage

Automatic switching table system

Contains a set of upper and lower work station and a second mesa, countertops can be traded in the work area, automatically 

To get the most production efficiency, the movement speed of workbench face will automatically adjust according to the weight of the load board, sheet processing cycle time will be reduced sharply 

Hydraulic elevator, mute, stable 

The beam

The aircraft grade aluminum material 

Light weight, high strength, durable 

The deformation and stress can be neglected, at least lower than design allows a maximum of 50 times 

Under the condition of the maximum acceleration, deformation is very small (< 0.01 mm) 

Lathe bed


Unique mechanical design, the use of artificial granite rack, provide products with the best thermal stability and seismic performance 

High manufacturing accuracy and repeat precision 

Compact bodies, easy to transport and install, accord with the ecological environment protection

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