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    YPH Motor Lamination Production Line


    YPH Motor Lamination Production Line (big-size motor)
    Separated steel-welded frame. Stress relieved annealing after welding.
    Suitable for high speed stamping of large motors.


    Main Structure Features

    • H-type frame includes three parts: Crossbeam, Uprights and Basement.
    • Six-point type crank supporting structure.
    • High strength double eccentric crank.
    • High precision, 8-side long guide rail.
    • Hydraulic locking device for adjustment rods ensuring the precision of bottom dead center.
    • High sensitive HOLP.
    • Automatic oil cycle lubrication system.



    Processing control center

    Our company has top processing and inspecting equipment, and has the biggest contant-temperature workshop in the press-making filed. With 60 years' professional experence and richtechnology accumulation, also with perfect modern manufacturing system and quality control system, our company is sincere to supply the best products for all our customers.

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