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    PBL Hydraulic Torion Bar Press Brake-E300

    PBL Series Hydraulic Torsion Bar Press Brake Machine


    1.Reference Pictures:

      Backgauge fingers


     Backgauge travel by ball screw & linear guide


     Standard Germnay Bosch Rexroth Valve                     German EMB Tubing connector↓   


     Standard WN Main Motor                               Standard Quick Punch clamp fixture



     Standard Punch & Multi V die                      Standard Front support arms



     Standard KARCON Foot Switch                  Standard USA SUNNY PUMP


    Note: all photos above for reference only.

    Optional Parts:

    Optional Manual mechanical crowning table

    Optional Electrical mechanical crowning table

    Optional DELEM DA41 CNC system 

    Optional Light Curtain safe protection

    Optional Press Brake Tools


    2. Technical Parameters:

    3. Main Parts:





    Controller ( E300)

    Estun, Nanjing



    Bosch Rexroth





    Electrical parts

    Schneider, French


    Main Motor



    Backgauge Motor

    Detong, Shanghai


    Slide Motor

    Kongte, Nanjing


    Foot Switch

    KARCON, Korea


    Seal ring

    NOK, Japan


    Pipe Union

    EMB, Germany





    4. E300 Controllers Features

    √ Screen: 5.6 inch, 640 × 480 dot matrix, 18-bit full color display screen.

    √ Function Keys: which corresponding to options on below of each page.

    √ Numeric Keys: It consists of CLEAR, NUMBERS, POINT, ± and ENTER. They are often used in programming and settings.

    √ Arrow Keys: Press these buttons can move the cursor.

    √ Start and Stop:   Press START key when your program has been completed,

    and each axis can perform the

    positioning. Press STOP key, the machine can stop running.

    √ Mode Switch: Turn this switch for switching the operation mode between Single and Jog.

    <NOTE>: For switching the operation mode to Continuous mode, turn the switch to Single

    mode, and set the parameter Automatic to Enable on the HMI.

    √ Emergency Stop: In the case of emergency stop use the EMERGENCY STOP controller.

    √ A key lock, which can turn ON or turn OFF the device

    √ Indicator Lamp: When the device is power on, the indicator lamp can be lighted.

    √ Pump Start: Press this button can turn on the oil pump, indicating the machine is ready.               

     √ Pump Stop:Press this button can turn off the oil pump, indicating the machine is unable to run. 

    In addition, this signal can be cut off when EMERGENCY STOP button was pressed down.


    5. Machine Application:

    This machine is for bending sheet metal with high labor productivity and high working accuracy.

    By using different shapes of the upper and lower tooling, the workpiece can be bent into various shapes.

    This machine can produce complex shape of workpiece through multiple bending.

    With appropriate accessories this machine can punching holes.


    6. Machine Structure:

    6.1 The machine adopts UG(finite element)analysis,through computer-aided optimization design.

    6.2 The machine adopts steel plate welded structure.So it has enough rigidity.The machine will not overload due to the changing of material’s thicknesses or the wrong choice of V opening of  the lower tooling when the hydraulic transmission is working.In addition, this machine has features of smooth, easy operation, low noise, safe and reliable,etc.

    6.3 In the oil cylinder has a mechanical block to ensure the repeat position accuracy when the slide goes to the lower died center. And ensure the mass production bending angle consistency

    6.4 Using German technology to eliminate internal stress.

    6.5 Whole frame using a sand blasting, and sprayed with Antirust Paint.


    7. Slider Structure:

    7.1 The machine adopts hydraulic electrical control. Slide stroke is adjustable. And has an inching, semi-automatic, automatic feature. Using the inching to test the tooling and adjust easily.

    7.2 The upper moving pressbrake machine design,two oil cylinder works at the same time,easy to balance,operate and safe.

    7.3 Lower died center has a dwell time for shape forming feature, ensure the workpiece’s accuracy

    7.4 Bending angle accuracy up to ± 45' ( Suitable to Standard of JB/T22572-2011)

    7.5 The machine has low speed moving down feature,The operator can control the work piece much better.


    8. Hydraulic System:

    8.1 Hydraulic system can achieve slider’s fast down, return and upward, emergent stop during downward and other activities.

    8.2 Oil pump adopts axial piston pump. It can stand high pressure,also has low noise.

    8.3 Seals use Japan brand NOK , good sealing performance, reliable, long life.

    8.4 This machine can work continuously at rated load, hydraulic system without leak and continued stability, high accuracy.


    9. Electrical Control System:

    9.1 Electrical components and materials comply with international standards, safe and reliable, long-life, anti-jamming capability.

    9.2 Movable foot switch operation.

    8.3 Electronic control components use famous brand

    9.4 Machine use AC 380V three-phase four-wire power supply, AC 220V voltage control loop.

    9.5 Motor main circuit has a short circuit, overload, phase loss protection.

    9.6 Oil pump stop botton is also the machine’s genral stop button,when the oil pump stops,the whole machine stop working.

    9.7 The machine has inching feature control button and emergency stop button.


    10. Slider Synchronized Control:

    The machine adpots mechanical hydraulic synchronization mechanism, simple structure, stable and reliable.

    The machine has high synchronization accuracy, generally do not need regular maintenance.


    11. Backgauge:


    Backgauge adjustment driven by 0.55KW motor through the gear to reduce the speed than drive by the screw.Press "+". "-" can achieve the backguage moving forward and backward.(digital display size and position)When using the motor can not reach certain value.Opertor can use the manual adjustment wheel to fine-tuned to ensure that the desired adjustment value.


    12. Tooling:

    11.1 Standard upper and lower tooling one set.

    11.2 Upper tooling adopts segmented tooling.High precision interchangeability, and easy disassembly.

    There is a crowning mechanism on the connecting parts.The crowing mechanism can ensure the high precision.

    11.3 Lower tooling has multi V openings can chose by the operator.There's a die-turnover mechanism. Only need to put lifting chains on the slider's lug & die's lug. Loose the top plate, lifting the slider, then you can rotate the die to choose the required position of V Slot.

    13. Standard Accessories:

    Front support

    2 sets

    Foot switch

    1 set

    Foundation bolts

    4 pieces

    Adjust bolts

    4 pieces

    Oil gun

    1 set

    Operation Instructions

    1 book