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    PBE Series Mechanical Servo Press Brakes
    PBE Series Mechanical Servo Press Brakes
    Eco-friendly press brakes
    Mechanical servo drive, low cost
    Oil-free operations, easy for maintenance
    Integrated backgauge system, suitable for complicated parts
    Embedded HMI interface, easy to operate
    Integrated work station, safe and reliable
    Extension to bending automation is supported
    LED lighting
    Humanized design of LED cold light illumination, provides the best operating environment 
    Work is not easy to fatigue for a long time 
    Lower die 2 - V quick change
    Lower die adopts double V quick change clamping method, optional single V mechanical clamping 
    CNC system
    7 "widescreen color TFT 
    The most senior axis control (Y1, Y2, two additional axis) 
    266 MHZ processors and memory capacity of 64 MB 
    Quick grip on mould machinery
    Mould clamping device on the standard configuration for mechanical quick grip 
    After the keep-off
    Overall structure using aluminum alloy material, high rigidity, fast 
    Standard X, R two axis numerical control shaft, block along the cylindrical guide can move around